Welcome to my rendered collections of notes.

You can find the source on GitHub.

The notes are collected using my interpretation of the Zettelkasten method. Permanent Notes explore a single idea and its connections to other ideas. Reference notes (based on Literature Notes) are taken while consuming the media to help me process information. The idea is that reference notes lead to additions or updates to the permanent note collection.

I've accumulated notes since 2012 but started using this methodology in 2020.

The notes are currently sorted by their creation date. However, the intention is that each note will be constantly updated and changed. I recommend using the tags to explore the notes.

I intend to be flexible with the topics this blog explores; it's what I'm interested in or learning about at the time. Right now, I'm most interested in Generative AI and Software Engineering. I'm also getting my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science after nearly 15 years working as a self-taught developer, so some notes will be on computer science fundamentals.

I don't know how useful the notes' contents will be to others. However, I've made them public because it helps me motivate the creation of these notes, and you never know.

About me

I'm a generalist software developer currently living in Brisbane, Australia. When writing, I'm the CTO of a music startup called Splash and work on generative AI for music.

I have a long career in software and, before that, operations, spanning around 20 years in total. In the most recent part of my career, I've been making products with data and ML, except for a few years working on the Roblox game Splash, so you will find game design and Roblox content scattered throughout the blog. However, I'm back to focusing on ML now.

I'm a Kaggle journeyman, having achieved ten medals (9 silvers) in a row with no golds. However, I am a Kaggle Notebook Master. I'm on a Kaggle hiatus now, but I hope to get back on the wagon soon.

I don't post on social media much, but I'm sometimes on:

Affiliate Links

I've started experimenting with affiliate links to monetise my ten daily page views (🚀). It's usually book recommendations, but sometimes products. I always write the articles first and figure out if there are affiliate options later. The content is all 100% my own opinions.