This is the rendered collections of notes by me, Lex Toumbourou.

You can find the source on the GitHub project.

The notes are collecting using my interpretation of the Zettelkasten method.

Permanent Notes explore a single idea and its connections to other ideas. Reference notes (based on Literature Notes are taken while consuming the media as a means of helping me process information. The idea is that reference notes lead to additions or updates to the permanent note collection.

I've been accumulated reference notes since 2012, but permanent note collection started in 2020.

The notes are currently sorted by created date. However, the intention is that each note will be constantly updated and changed. I recommend using the tags to explore the notes.

I'm intended to be flexible with the topics that this blog explores, but right now I'm quite interested in game development, machine learning, software engineering and writing.

To be honest, I'm not sure how useful the contents of notes will be to others. However, I've made them public because:

  1. the note taking approach may be of interest
  2. you never know

I also have a collection of posts. These are more like traditional blog posts like tutorials and project summaries.

At the time of writing, all these are ported across from my original blog and are quite out-of-date. I may add more blogs at some point.

About me

I'm a generalist software developer currently living in Brisbane, Australia.

I found writing bios like this decay too quickly to bother with, but I keep my LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

I sometimes Tweet but not much.